Please enjoy the main dish, the rare Awaji beef from Kobe with ingredients from Awaji Island, which serves a new style of Teppan cuisine.


We offer a new type of Teppan cuisine where you can enjoy a mysterious hideaway space based on the concept of "the island of beginnings" where the ingredients of Awaji Island, which has a history as a treasure trove of rich ingredients, and the myth of the creation of the country

We offer Awaji Beef which is difficult to find in Greater Tokyo.
Cooking that matches and focuses on the ingredients regardless of Teppan
Awaji Beef is thoroughly baked at a low temperature.
Teppan cuisine supervised by a chief careered at French restaurants

About ‘Awaji Beef’

Awaji island raise a best Wagyu ‘Awaji beef’

The pedigree of Awaji Beef is the world-famous food art, ‘Tajima beef’. Most of the "Tajima beef" is raised on Awaji Island, but it is not born as Awaji beef from the beginning. It receives the title of “Awaji Beef” getting through strict certification standards.

Conditions of Awaji Beef

wagyu breed of Tajima ushi
Growing up in Hyogo prefecture and born in Awaji island.
Higher than the grade 3 of meat quality with greater than the grade No.4 of marbling
Only beef that satisfies strict certification standards can obtain the title of ‘Awaji Beef’

About onions

The use of the finest onions from Awaji Yuki Kobo

In the fields of Awaji Yuki Kobo, nutrients in the soil are decomposed by natto bacteria, which makes the soil always in a healthy condition. The onions grown in the fields are not harvested immediately but after ripening so that the nutrients from the leaves can be absorbed, which is why the onions are nutritious.

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